Duke Nukem 98
Unreal Engine proofs of concept

Test map 1: Lonehorse Saloon (Screenshots: 1 2 3)
Test map 2: Hoover Dam (Screenshots: 4)
Test map 3: EDF Barracks (Screenshots: 5 6)
Before running the maps:
1) update Unreal to the latest OldUnreal version
2) Install Unreal4Ever (either double click on the UMOD file, or use this utility to decompress it into the appropriate directories)

The third map uses external files, so you need to unzip it into the root directory of your Unreal installations. The objects will be copied into their appropriate subdirectories.
These are not full levels (they would be extremely short levels if they were). Their purpose is to show some features that can be easily obtained with Unreal in order to make a game more Duke-like.

* The first map shows a number of Duke-like weapons.
* The second map shows a vast open environment.
* The third map shows a simple Use button obtained through a pseudo-weapon called "interactor", useable objects (doors, a mirror, a toilet, an elevator, a hatch), destroyable objects (windows, a flying screen), a talking player character and subtitles. To use something, select the interactor (key "1"), stand in front of what you want to use, but not too close to it, and press the left mouse button.