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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Altered Reality?
A: It is an episodic map pack for Prey, with a brand new singleplayer story. You could consider it a Prey fanfiction. It is set one month after the main events in Prey, that is five months before the final scene inside the rebuilt Roadhouse.

Q: Why is the title of your map pack the same as your nickname? Is it self-celebration?
A: It's not self-celebration. The story of my map pack is inspired by the many stories where the main character questions reality. That's my favorite genre, as well as the reason why I chose "Altered Reality" as a nickname. I certainly didn't want to insert myself into the story: the plot of this map pack ties in with Prey, and the protagonist is definitely Tommy.

Q: How do I get the mod working on the Steam version?
A: Put the Altered Reality FOLDER (not the contents of the folder, but the folder itself) in the Steam/steamapps/common/prey folder.

Q: Why does Tommy have another voice?
A: This is a no-budget project. I can't afford to pay Michael Greyeyes to read all of the new Tommy lines I need. If you had no problems with Max Payne looking like Timothy Gibbs instead of Sam Lake, you'll have no problems with Tommy sounding like me instead of Michael Greyeyes. And no, this has nothing to do with the title being "Altered Reality": I decided to voice Tommy myself long before deciding the title.

Q: How many episodes are you planning to release?
A: You'll have your answer after the last episode comes out. By the way, the last episode is the one that says "THE END" at the end.

Q: When will the next episode come out?
A: When it's done. No objections accepted, unless you pay me to release an episode before a certain date.

Q: Why so much secrecy?
A: Consider this: if I make some promises, then some time later I realize I can't keep them, I'll get flames from everyone. On the other hand, if I just STFU nobody can blame me for saying one thing and doing another. It works for 3DRealms, it'll work for me too.


Episode 1:
Q: When I jump inside the casino through the window, a portal opens under my feet and I find myself in space! How do I avoid that?
A: You have 3 ways.
1) Before entering the casino from the window, use the Portal Wrench once somewhere, to mark the spot where a portal will appear. In space, look down and use the portal wrench again, to open the portals. There you are!
2) After you came out of the sewer, approach a wall of the casino as much as you can and use the Portal Wrench once. Walk somewhere else and use it again. A portal will appear, walk into it and you'll find yourself inside the casino.
3) Do nothing of the sort, instead just fall into the portal and wait to die in space. You'll resurrect inside the casino.

Q: What is the stupidest thing Tommy has ever seen?
A: If you're smart enough, you'll eventually figure it out. Maybe you saw it too, and I don't mean in this level.

Q: The voice tells me I cannot go anywhere! What do I do?
A: Walk to the newly-formed grate. Stay as close as you can and use the Portal Wrench once. Walk somewhere else and use it again. A portal will appear, walk into it and you'll find yourself beyond the grate.

Q: Where's the exit? Three walls and a grate and that's it, the end of a level that doesn't end?
A: Nope. The ceiling in Elhuit's bar is broken, try breaking it even more. Then use the shuttle you'll find and fly over the lowest wall. Kill all the droids (as well as the gasbag) and fly over the broken bridge. Congratulations, you completede the first episode!

Q: Why can't I activate the shuttle? Is it a bug?
A: No. There are one or more boxes near the shuttle console: push them away and you'll be able to activate the shuttle.