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Altered Reality, episode 1: "Shrapnel City"

Unzip the package into the directory where you have your Prey executable

C:\Program Files\2K Games\Prey

- Once installed, run Prey.
- Click on "Mods" in the main menu.
- Load "Altered Reality".
- Bring down the console.
- Type: map shrapnelcity
- Press return. The map will load.

Sometimes, you will need to pass a seemingly insurmountable barrier or reach a far away location quickly. Impossible? Not for you, because you have the Portal Wrench!
If you select the wrench and press the right mouse button once, it will seem like nothing happened. Actually, you just marked the point in space where a portal will appear.
Move to a different location (anywhere), press the right mouse button again and the portals will open! You'll be able to pass from a portal to the other in the blink of an eye!
Press the right mouse button a third time and the portals will close.
If you do this trick while standing right in front of a thin (but still insurmountable) barrier, the portal will open ON THE OTHER SIDE of the barrier! Nothing will stop you with a Portal Wrench!

//Known bugs
-It is possible to pick up the acid sprayer without opening the wardrobe.

//Update History
Release #2 - added the German localization and made the following improvements to the map:
- The green neon room now has wallwalks to allow a quicker return to the bridge.
- All wallwalks now have metallic borders.
- All glass windows with a room behind are now translucent.
- The wooden dumpster in the alley is now a metallic dumpster.
- The grate in the alley now has actual holes you can see through.

Release #1 - created the first map (Shrapnel City), along with the original textures and sounds

Most of the doors (or interactive objects) in this project have to be used to be opened (or perform their functions). This means that bumping into them will not work. Instead, you will have to center your look onto their handle (or the part you'd touch with your hands in real life, if the object is not a door). Press the left mouse button and Tommy will "use" the door or object with his left hand.

Some objects can be used. Others can be hit and broken. Some must be used to progress, and some must be broken to progress. Don't be afraid to use or hit something, you will never be punished for doing so (unless you deliberately do something stupid like standing directly below a falling hunk of metal): on the contrary, you may be awarded with a secret, an object doing something amusing, or a sarcastic comment from Tommy.
In short: explore, explore, explore!