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This sinister little tale began one month after the Sphere was plunged into the Sun. It was late at night, but Shrapnel City was awake: an army of sinful people was busy gambling in casinos, getting drunk in bars and abandon themselves to the pleasures of the flesh in red light clubs.
Tommy was there. In attempt to forget the horrors he had witnessed, he decided to indulge in a little R&R at the Pink Kitty club. Little did he know that he was about to witness a new horror. A horror not of the flesh, not of death and gore, but something much deeper. A horror of the mind.
When the explosion shook the building, Tommy realized that only for a fortunate coincidence he was still alive. Had he been sitting on the chair he left 30 seconds before...
He drove the thought away and darted out of the bathroom, only to discover that the Dark Ones were back. Out of the club, it took little time for Tommy to realize that something was fundamentally wrong with the world... or with himself. He was living an Altered Reality!